Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tampa Comicon Recap

Hey, everyone!  What a great time I had at the Tampa Comicon!  I got a lot of great exposure among "my people", but, more importantly, I had a great time!  I went home dead tired every night, but the people and the costumes were amazing!  I've included a few pics below.
 I love the Mandalorians.
 Harley bashing me over the head with a mallet.
 My favorite Decepticon.
 I'm not sure who they are, but I felt really bad for the girl.  She was miserable lugging that sword around.
 Note me standing closest to the Sith.
 Tie-fighter pilots!
 A pair of Steampunk Pirate Princesses.
 Another awesome Mandalorian.  Did I mention I think they're cool?  His armor is real plate steel...heavy.
 An Imperial Stormtrooper and I.  I had a great opportunity to get a Sandtrooper, but my partner was away for a while. Someday, I'd like a full-fledged Snowtrooper.
 A friend of mine as Kingpin and his lovely wife as Harley.  It was really cool seeing them both.
 A Chinese soldier from a rare video game I couldn't name.  My interest in all things military demanded that I get his pic.
 My favorite Sith Lord and I.  Who knew Lord Maul was a girl?

 A Jedi and I.
 Hey, Indie!  It was a really cool outfit.
 Hanging out with Symbiot Spidey.
 Deadshot and the Wicked Witch.
 My favorite Mandlaorian!
 One of many great Bane costumes I saw during the 3 days.
 One of two really great Cobra Commanders I saw this weekend.

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