Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Joy of Writing

I have spent the last couple of posts talking about the hardships and difficulties of being a new independent writer.  We’ve covered the cost, both in time and treasure this career can be.  And, I have, at risk of sounding whiney, discussed in great detail some of the many frustrations and pitfalls of writing. Today, I wanted to talk about how much fun it is, and how much fun I’m having!

The last couple of weeks have been super exciting for me and my career as a writer.  First and foremost, I have scheduled my first public appearance as a writer!  I am going to be at Necronomicon here in Tampa from October 18th-20th signing autographs and hosting a giveaway for Procythian Reign’s soon-to-be released sequel, The Proceena Crusade!   Please, tell any lover of science fiction and fantasy about this great event, whether they come for me, or not.  Also, stand-by for me to announce at least one and hopefully two more appearances between now and the end of the year! 

I have spent quite a bit of time out peddling my book and have met some amazing people both here in town and from all around the country via the internet.  These people (you know who you are) have been wonderfully supportive.  I’ve had people help get me into Necronomicon and the other venues I have yet to confirm.  Reviews are beginning to come in and (though they’re few) they’re all positive, so far.  I’m anxiously waiting for more, but I’m really excited about the feedback I’ve gotten. 

More and more people are reading my book and discuss it with me.  I cannot tell you the feeling I get when I can see that people are “getting it”.  It gives me chills and makes me think that maybe I am carving out a niche with Procythian Reign.  But, my proudest moment yet has come from a reviewer who was reviewing Procythian Reign and also doing a character interview.

I read the questions and knew right away that this was a Leo Krisminski interview.  Leo is one of the main villains in Procythian Reign and a sentimental favorite of mine.  I was so proud of that interview.   It was all Leo and spoke straight to his grounded, no nonsense nature and the reviewer loved it!  She told me Leo was one of her favorites!

This was a stranger!  This was someone who didn’t know or owe me anything!  I had to be one of ten plus writers with whom she was dealing.  Yet, she took the time to drop me a note and pay me what I could only take as a sincere compliment.  I got those “she gets it” chills again.  And, I knew then:  this is for me! Thanks, Lisa.

Procythian Reign and The Proceena Crusade are the first of many yarns I intend to spin.  What a great feeling and what a great way to make a living.  Thanks to all of you who make this chapter of my life such a special one, and here’s to hoping I can keep reaching out to and entertain you!

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